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Deleted 4 days ago

Let me get to it!

Hey guys, I made a walkthrough of the game if you want check it out.

How the fuck do I find the god damn phone the room is pitch black.

Hey sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this is a graphic bug on some devices that I can't seem to figure.

how am i supposed to start playing once i downloaded the files?

the game crash whe i try to open it

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Revive : Yooo i from where should i start...First of all Its a really beautiful game. Loved the pixel art with the Volumatrics.

Loved the story. I always have this issues with other games that they are not long enough. i thought the same for this game in first place cuz i thought it looks really Good but wont be long enough BUT the Game is perfectly Long enough.

I'm Pretty sure u got the idea of the game from movie In Time starring Justin Timberlake

Thanks for this amazing game

I love the art style! The art style is amazing and I love the concept.

Amazing job!


Really good game for a university project. The art style is honestly stunning. The story has an interesting concept, and I would love to see it expanded on in a full game. The shooting is nothing to write home about, but superb job overall!

Oh, and I don't want to be too critical, but I was slightly disappointed when I accidentally triggered the "bad" ending. I feel like that choice could have been made more clear.


Hi, which game engine did you use?

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unity3d,This icon is displayed in the game folder


Games like TimeOut are a thing of beauty and are an excellent display of what pixel art can do, especially with the right lighting effects. The rough edges add to the grittiness of the world while also providing extra depth to the environments you traverse. I've always been a big fan of 2D elements in 3D worlds and this did not disappoint.

Great job, dev. This could totally be turned into a full length game.

In Debian 10 , in the game menu i see only play and quit, no settings. When i hit play i hear music but the screen remains black.

just played this game. the art style is amazing and the story is crazyyy lol. you can check out my lets play here :) 


For a final university work, the game is very good. Who knows, one day we may have a more elaborate and bigger version of this game? Kudos to that!

man just by watching the trailer i knew i was about to have a good time with this game 

LOVED IT! Everything from the style to the story was very well done. 

The art style is great! Thank you for making this

Hiya just wanted to say what a beautiful game you have here. From the art style to the music it's all pretty cool; also sorry if I kept singing a few times tbh I couldn't help it.  

Very unique style, with clearly a lot of love, thought and effort put into it. Great atmosphere.

Was a beautiful game and the music was also super smooth and perfect. The concept too was really interesting and like that In Time movie and the plot hence was not bad either! Even how the bullets take out your time and not actually hurt the player was really cool. 

Only thing I can suggest is to make the music a little software as in some cases it overshadowed the talk of the NPCs.

Other than that, it was a brilliant game and massive fun to play!

An interesting game. Loved the design and the music.

hello, I'm having problems with the subtitles: it's very delayed and out-of-sync with the dialogue. When I "met with the 1st client", the subtitle became so slow I cannot progress with the game. Anyone else who has a problem like this?

I don't have words. This game is absolutely amazing and the lighting really sells it! The true interactivity that it has to offer shows me that you are heading in the right direction!

if the game doesnt start on linux, try: sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers

Or to see a log file: ./TimeOut_Linux.x86_64 -logFile ./myLogFile.log

it crashes when i leave the office


my screen keeps blacking out slowly for some reason with black pixes and i keep having to restart the game

Hello Christopher! I found this about a year ago and I am really impressed! This is probably one of my favourite short games I have played. I found this while looking for similar games to "ThimbleWeed Park". It would be really great if you made a sequel. If you want any ideas for lore, you contact me :D.

The game is amazing!

Hello developer! Does this game currently not have any auto- save function? I had stopped earlier, wanting to come back and continue but alas, I must start from the beginning again. )=

It is a short game with 20 minutes of playtime. What you could do is hit numpad 0 and press F.

I really like the art style and wish I could play but unfortunately the game kept freezing multiple times and I could no longer move on.

Sorry to hear that. Could you specify which parts of the game were freezing?

Great game :) It worked for me perfectly, the story is interesting, I wish I saw more to it ♥ Love the music :) Sometimes it was a bit confusing - like with the taxi and all the cars in the street, but overall - I've had a lot of fun ♥


Hope you enjoyed the game!

I did! Very much! ❤️

I really enjoy the art style and lighting effects in this game.  Unfortunately, it has locked up multiple times when entering a new screen or selecting a dialogue option.  I am running Windows 10.


I would have to say this is a really good game and it is a must try. I have also heard that there are different paths that you can take in the game which is kinda interesting. If you want to see that you have to download the game. If you want to see the game play you could watch this video from me and see what I have done in the game. 

UNIQUE Game with a UNIQUE Concept n Story! Loved it! <3
Reminds me of the movie "In Time" that had Time as Currency as well. Time is intense, love the idea! :D

This game is great, sadly very little actual Content. And a few different oportunities would be great. The games gives these but they are sadly unused. There is litteraly ony 1 (?) thing you have an impact on.

This was a really fun game! I've started a gaming channel based on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and this was the first game we played. Our sound quality wasn't great but this was a really fun game to play, and we managed to have a lot of laughs. Just wanted to let you know we did this. :) Thank you so much for this experience.

Hey, I really enjoed this.  I felt like I was just getting into it when it was all over.  I hope you are developing it as a full game!

I loved it!

thanks for sharing this game. Artwork is very special and the story quite intriguing since the begining. I liked the time aspect/mechanic of the game.

Really enjoyed this. The world is intriguing, it looks really cool, and the concept of time as currency could make for some really cool gameplay in a fleshed out experience.

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Just black screen for me too on three different Macs. Windows shows dialogues but there are no graphics either. Music plays in the background.

iMac12,2 / iMac10,1 / MacBookPro8,1 (High Sierra on all)

Windows 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 Mt (Windows 7 and 10)

Switching Movie/Game has no effect.

Hey sorry to hear that. The pipeline I am using for Unity is still in development and is unstable in terms of graphics compatibility. I can only ask for you to try it on another windows machine.  

OK, I just don't have any extra Windows machines available at this time. Is there any hope of a working Mac version in the future? I wonder if my Macs are just "too old" – the graphics card maybe? I was really looking forward to playing TimeOut, it sounds interesting.


This game really has potential to be something more than what it currently is. I understand it was a project for college, but if you ever decide to invest a little more time to go in-depth and polish, this game could be greater than what it is!

Great work!

Hi it's a really cool game! Just a few things: it's very demanding from my PC and I have a 1080ti duke 11G with a ryzen 7 2700. The "Yacht Harbor" has a typo, it's spelled as Yatch instead of Yacht. And if we could move diagonal that'd be great. If we try moving up or down while still holding right or left, it won't move up, down or diagonal. It'd be a very welcomed QOL change. Everything else is amazing.

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