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something interesting

Interesting project, need to take a look

UNIQUE Game with a UNIQUE Concept n Story! Loved it! <3
Reminds me of the movie "In Time" that had Time as Currency as well. Time is intense, love the idea! :D

This game is great, sadly very little actual Content. And a few different oportunities would be great. The games gives these but they are sadly unused. There is litteraly ony 1 (?) thing you have an impact on.

This was a really fun game! I've started a gaming channel based on the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and this was the first game we played. Our sound quality wasn't great but this was a really fun game to play, and we managed to have a lot of laughs. Just wanted to let you know we did this. :) Thank you so much for this experience.

Hey, I really enjoed this.  I felt like I was just getting into it when it was all over.  I hope you are developing it as a full game!

I loved it!

thanks for sharing this game. Artwork is very special and the story quite intriguing since the begining. I liked the time aspect/mechanic of the game.

Really enjoyed this. The world is intriguing, it looks really cool, and the concept of time as currency could make for some really cool gameplay in a fleshed out experience.

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Just black screen for me too on three different Macs. Windows shows dialogues but there are no graphics either. Music plays in the background.

iMac12,2 / iMac10,1 / MacBookPro8,1 (High Sierra on all)

Windows 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 Mt (Windows 7 and 10)

Switching Movie/Game has no effect.

Hey sorry to hear that. The pipeline I am using for Unity is still in development and is unstable in terms of graphics compatibility. I can only ask for you to try it on another windows machine.  

OK, I just don't have any extra Windows machines available at this time. Is there any hope of a working Mac version in the future? I wonder if my Macs are just "too old" – the graphics card maybe? I was really looking forward to playing TimeOut, it sounds interesting.


This game really has potential to be something more than what it currently is. I understand it was a project for college, but if you ever decide to invest a little more time to go in-depth and polish, this game could be greater than what it is!

Great work!

Hi it's a really cool game! Just a few things: it's very demanding from my PC and I have a 1080ti duke 11G with a ryzen 7 2700. The "Yacht Harbor" has a typo, it's spelled as Yatch instead of Yacht. And if we could move diagonal that'd be great. If we try moving up or down while still holding right or left, it won't move up, down or diagonal. It'd be a very welcomed QOL change. Everything else is amazing.

This uses all of my GPU when I run it. I'm on windows 10.

aesthetic is pretty, as the concept of the game, but the game has quite a few issues:

1. no option menu from the start menu

2. on linux [arch btw] after change of graphics there's dark screen -- minor thing

3. at the office there's orphaned light spot [place it somewhere else] -- minor thing

4. several items have issues with hitboxes [can pass through them at front, but not at the back side]

5. enemies AI [or script, dunno rly] is quite dummy

as i said, game's look and concept is overall very high, revision of my points possibly could improve the overall experience of this little gem, hope you find my thoughs worth considering


Very good points, I agree with all/most.

The concept is awesome and could become something really special without some polish. 

Still a nice game to enjoy even without. Thanks for supporting Linux~ <3

Will take this into consideration for future works. Thanks!


Loved this game and the game concept!

I have bookmarked this for later :) It looks amazing and I can't wait to play it

I chose the CAPITALISM ending! 


thats very beautifull. Amazing


that is just beautiful - my 9 year old daughter when she looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing


This aesthetic is absolutely lovely, both the pixel art perspective imposed over 3D models, and the background atmospheric design.  I'd love to see a more polished/complete game sporting this look, and will keep an eye out for your next project.   A+ on visuals and atmosphere.  It's nice to see the influence of Sander Cohen live on.

This is very nice game but can you add camera moving?

Linux 86_64 kernel 5.6.14 8GB memory Chip Intel i7 Ati Sapphire Radeon RX550 2GB.
Game Stucked on the intro screen, unplayable.

The best game that in my opinion can be said as a AAA game

А мне ещё далеко до разработки таких игр)

some point at the shooting part i quit lol

check out my gameplay + commentary here:

When I start up the game, controls stuck at upward position and can't control the character. I've already restart the computer, and i have no other extra controller attached to my computer.


Can you try toggling between game and movie mode to see if that solves the issue?

yes i have tried that but its the same


A very clever concept that was very cleverly delivered! The look and feel of it is pleasantly reminiscent of the Monkey Island series, with the pixelated point-and-click style.

The idea of time being an actual currency that can be used to buy things is a cracker, as well, and the ever-ticking clock above your character's head really spurs on the sense of urgency you feel in needing to get to the bottom of the case!

The gun-toting sequences were a bit clunky at times, and it was hard to navigate those particular areas. Not impossible, but a little tough. I think a switch to a first-person perspective for those scenes would've maybe made it easier (old school Dick Tracy game style!).

All in all though, when you throw in the great soundtrack, so many wonderfully designed areas and a great, thought-provoking ending this is a great experience that was well worth the... time! Get it? A time joke? So awesome.

This could truly be one of the best games currently on As I was playing this game I got cuphead and L.A. Noire vibes Lol this was truly one amazing game and just loved everything about it. Really hope the Devs end making a part 2 that is much more longer.

Did a full play through and really enjoyed it! The atmosphere, setting and concept swept me away!

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Beautiful game, honestly. I love the art style the concept of time as a currency was very intriguing. The music was spot on too! Amazing job :) 

Loved the Voxel-based visual art style, ala Westwood's Bladerunner, and downloaded this based on the idea. Story was well established, with scripted sequences bringing a real weight to the world created. Shooting segments were a fun distraction and liked the fact that there were a couple of different endings. Those who enjoy Bioshock/Infinite/BladeRunner will definitely enjoy this game. Looking forward to the next project!

Check out my playthrough here:

How to create the style of "The Last Night" in unity?The sprite2D can't affect by light.


You can make mased layers to the 2d sprite and cast shaows on it from 2d lighting you also need a diffuse material on them and then use the normal lighting in unity lik "point Light"


1.Could you export package of a sample scene for me to imitate?

2.I should use 3D light or 2D light in 3D scene?

3.How to set Scriptable Render Pipeline and shader graph?

I have a problem, When i click start it suddently closes and gives me an error.


PS: I have linux


I'm also getting a segmentation fault on start up.

I'm running Mint 19.1 Cinnamon
i5-4200M CPU @ 2.50GHz
GeForce GT 730M

I can give you the command line output if that would help. Just let me know where you'd like it.

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yes pls maybe send me it to my email:

Sorry i forgot to say you where haha

Hi Christopher, currently having an issue when starting the game. Its running as if the up arrow key is stuck on. The arrow key isnt actually stuck as when I click the windows button the character stops moving and stands still. But going back to the game he starts moving again. I can only use the up and down arrows. The left and right arrows will not work. Running wnidows 10, latest update. i7 4790K, GTX 1080 with latest nvidia graphics drivers, 32gb ram. I really really want to play this game, what do you think?

Could you do a restart of your computer and try again? If that doesn't work, could try using the WASD keys instead?

Deleted 40 days ago

Disregard my above comment! Managed to find the issue and resolved it. Turns out you cant have a flight sim joystick plugged in and play the game, it starts taking inputs from the joystick! Playing now, and so far, incredible!

i have a MacBook Air and when i open the file there is nothing on the screen. Only a black screen appears. Help!


Hey very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is a known issue with some mac models and I am still unsure of what's causing the problem. 


One of the most gorgeous games I have played to date. Can definitely feel the Bioshock vibe coming through strong which made me love it even more. Massive fan of the franchise and thanks to you, I really want go back and play it. I can't believe this is just a school project, I sincerely hope you make more awesome titles in the future. Quick one though, the gun is buggy, pretty T doesn't really shot very well. Otherwise awesome game!


A lot better than i expected.

Good job man


This game is incredible. I had a blast playing it. The music and the atmosphere that it sets were amazing. The art style was different and refreshing. The story also has some nice twists. Excellent work! I can't wait to check out more of your games! Well worth the time for anyone on the fence about playing it!

Thank you for playing the game, hope you enjoyed it! 

I did! I'm really looking forward to more of your titles! 

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