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Tried this on Xubuntu 20.04 with NVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost and the proprietary NVidia drivers and all I see during game-play is a white screen. I can ESC to a menu. Turning on VSYNC turns that white screen black. Tried adjusting contrast and brightness, but it doesn't seem to help display the game.

Pause menu is visible

Specs are the following:

A8-5600K APU @ 3.6GHz
32GB DDR3-1866 MHz RAM
NVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost (2GB)

Sorry to hear that. It's a little hard for me to test it on Linux, do you have a Windows OS you could try it on?

I do Christopher, but what I'd suggest is just downloading something like Virtualbox, install Linux in Virtualbox and you never need to leave Windows to test. Part of the point (I was hoping) was to review it as a working game for Linux. I'm happy to dig a little further for you, I'll try launching from the command line and see if I see any errors logged there.

Hi. How do you run it from the command line? Thanks.


Just played the game, really fun to play. Love the art style and the music and the story was really interesting. Well done making a game like this, goodluck with any other future game develops.

Feel free to check out my video on it, any feedback is appriciated 

Glad you enjoyed it. For some strange reason, it seems like the t key is stuck in your gameplay video. 

Ahh that makes more sense 

This game is so cool. Love the art style and concept

I hope you enjoyed the game!

The Art style of this game is just INCREDIBLE

Glad you liked it!



Deleted 19 days ago

Thanks for the compliment and the gameplay video. I hoped you enjoyed it!

I got a launch failure on 64-bit-only Linux. Although it looks like you've made a "universal" (32- and 64-bit) build?

Sorry to hear that. Can I check your computer specifications?

System details (the distro is basically equivalent to Debian):

{  "cpu": {    "manufacturer": "Intel®",    "brand": "Core™ i7-6500U",    "vendor": "GenuineIntel",    "speed": "2.50",    "cores": 4  },  "graphics": {    "controllers": [      {        "model": "HD Graphics 520 ",        "vendor": "Intel Corporation",        "vram": 256      },      {        "model": "Device 9d24 ",        "vendor": "Intel Corporation",        "vram": 4      }    ]  },  "osInfo": {    "platform": "linux",    "arch": "x64",    "distro": "PureOS",    "release": "9",    "codename": "amber",    "logofile": "linux"  },

Error message:

May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [INFO] Now running!
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [INFO] Exited!
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [WARN] Exit code 0x1 (1) for (TimeOut_Linux.x86_64)
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] Had error: Exit code 0x1 (1) for (TimeOut_Linux.x86_64)
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] No messages for standard error
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] → Standard error: empty
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] → Standard output ===============
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR]   Found path: /home/user/.config/itch/apps/timeout/TimeOut_Linux.x86_64
May 17, 2020, 22:24:57 [ERROR] =================================

I really liked your game , both endings are very nice :)

thanks for sharing it <3

Thank you for playing!


The game keeps crashing for me on Linux whenever I try leave the first room.

Hey, can I check how much RAM do you have?

64 GB (4x16) DDR4 RAM

Just played this game with a freind watching... amazing storyline and great idea with the 2d vibe and it looks so good! amazing job!

Glad you enjoyed the game :)


This Game is BEAUTIFUL, 10/10 in visuals. i love everything about this game, you guys did something amazing. im so proud of your work!

What a heartfelt gameplay, thanks for playing!

wowser. cool. just from the screenshots alone, very very interesting.  reminds me of a movie. similar.  interesting vibes.  


Great game!!! i can see the effort that they put in this

Sadly i need 800x600 resolution T_T because i have low end pc.

Unfortunately, the game is graphics intensive!

Avast moved it to my virus chest :( I highly doubt this is a virus Im gonna uninstall avast just to play it!

Sorry to hear that. Did you managed to get it working?

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I really enjoyed my time playing, thank you from France! A few bugs here and there that don’t make the experience bad at all. 🙂

The difference in resolution between different assets felt a bit weird to me, why did you chose to do boxes completly without pixel art for example? Have you tried with pixel art style and it didn’t worked? I’m curious.

Also, have you drawn everything by hand? Or are some assets from somewhere else with pixel art effects applied? I’m thinking of the elevator’s wooden panels for example.

The boxes were a test of interaction to see if it could be part of the 3D space while still remaining simple enough to fit in the 2D world. One use for the boxes were to blend transitions of walls especially if it was from a flat left and right wall to a front and back facing wall.


Haven even played it and iḿ amazed.

May I ask what engine you used to make this?


It was made in Unity Engine!

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Good Job, Mr. Lee.

Thank you for this review, it was really well done! 

Thanks for the opportunity.


I do hope you continue upon this story it's a nice spin on the idea from the movie In Time? Fantastic music and art style I loved. The only only only little niche I can say is that I should have voiced the female character (joking) will definitely be following to see future work you'll be doing.

 I'll remember to cast you if I have a female lead in the future hah. Thanks for playing!

Great idea! keep going and never give up. Some day you will be from the best game developers in the world. Have a great time on making video games.

I enjoyed Time Out. I loved the pixel art and the music. The action scene was bit challeinging for me but very fun. I got the copyrright claim but I am not worried about that. Thanks you for reminding us though. I do not know if you would maake more indie games but I am looking forward to more if you will.


Thanks for playing my game, especially coming from a Japanese as that means a lot to me! Will get epidemic to release the claims on the music for you. 

Stay tuned!

Thank you for releasing the copyright claim!

Great game

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it!

We Can All Learn Something From This Game!... Bring Your SNACKS When You Watch My Video People! See You Then! 

: )

Great Job! @Christopher Lee


Twitter @SirWinnyyt

Loled at the character with the similar hairstyle :)




Thanks for taking the "time" to play this!

Amazing game and story! Loved playing through this, thought it took a great approach to this idea. Sucks that a cat has a better life than me though...

Well... the cat has 9 lives... Thanks for playing!

good art pixl

Hey! I made an account just so I could leave a comment and say I saw your post on reddit the other week and I'm very happy it's here! I love the artstyle so much. Keep doing a great job!

Thanks for sticking all the way through and enjoy the game :)

would love to play but the screen shows up entirely dark w only the in-game cursor visible, music works tho. 

same thing


Hey sorry to hear that. Can I check what OS are you on?

is this what u need my guy? also operating on 64 bit, idk if thats worth noting 

Thanks! Could I get a screenshot of the issue as well?

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Actually could you drop me a PM over at Twitter? It'll be much faster :)

got it,   messaged !

great game! the artwork is really good, the only awkward thing was the combat. But nice job dude.

WOW!! The game is awesome!!!I really like it!

I'm a Chinese player, I can help you translate the game into Chinese. Email me at if you need!


Great, thank you for playing! Will let you know if I need help :)

When I found out that The Last Night was cancelled, I was really bummed. And then you, Christopher Lee, come along, and make my dreams come true! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful

immersive world. I hope that you expand of this experience.

Hope you liked it. The Last Night is still in development so stay tuned!

Incredible! A Masterpiece! I love this game! Please check out my channel! 

Thanks for playing, loved the video!

I loved this game. I loveeeed the art style!! If its your final project, you better have gotten an A+!!!

This is LIT! I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the style! 

I really want play this but unfortunately for me, the subtitles display too slowly. Before the text is even done with its current sentence, the voice over is 3-4 sentences ahead and the text disappears and moves onto the next line before it finishes. This becomes a problem at the very beginning where you take your first phone call. I can hear Sherwood fine but the voice over from the person on the phone is muffled and the subtitles only display a tiny bit of what the person is saying. By the end of the call I have no clue what they said or what I'm doing. 

Thanks for the feedback! Yes unfortunately the issue with the dialogue apparition seems to be dependent on the performance of your computer. I will see if I can do an option to disable the autoskip feature in the next patch.

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I specifically made this account just to say thank you! I further was wondering if you have posted any breakdowns of how you achieved the look of the game?  e.g tutorials, techniques/methods you used and so on? At first this looked like you'd used Photogrammetery but I honestly don't know. Stay amazing bro.

Hey! I recently posted a breakdown thread on my twitter :)

Awesome plot and aesthetics, loved it!!

One thing i want to suggest is an objective bar which helps player to know what needs be done or to be interact with. As the objective pop up disappears very quickly.


Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game as well! 

Absolutely loved it! I absolutely adore the artstyle of the game! I'm a sucker for games like these haha! the concept was really cool, the sounddesign and the lighting were very well done and the story was awesome! While playing it I was just amazed by the looks of it throughout the entire game! Overall a very great game! I really had a lot of fun playing it! Very well done!


Thank for playing the game and I really love the reaction at the end! Cheers



all right,but I like it.(smile)

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